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PAT Testing

Sky Electrical Engineering Ltd have over 25 years experience in the electrical industry. All of our electricians are fully qualified and insured to carry out all PAT testing of electrical items.

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What is PAT testing?

PAT testing, also known as portable appliance testing, is a safety test for any electrical item with a plug whether its 110 volt, 220 volt or 415 volt. It is basically a repeat of a test that is carried out when the appliance is manufactured. PAT testing covers appliances such as kettles, computers, photocopiers, fax machines, microwaves, extension leads, power boards, power tools and larger items such as vending machines and fridges.

Why do PAT testing?

PAT testing is a health and safety requirement. All electrical appliances must be PAT tested to verify they're safe to use - to protect workers, customers and the general public from a possible electrical shock.

How often is PAT testing required?

PAT testing should be carried out every 12 months for appliances in a normal working environment, and every 6 months for appliances in a hazardous working environment.

What is used to do PAT testing?

We use the latest hand-held meters to allow us to PAT test quiety, avoiding any unnecessary disruption to your buisiness.

What happens after PAT testing is completed?

After each appliance has been PAT tested the appliance is tagged with a pass or fail sticker. The appliance test results are recorded and fowarded to you to keep at your work place for inspection. A certificate of compliance ia also provided, to show that your business is compliant.